Less Weight, Less Effort

Lose weight with less effort

Glucomannan, the key ingredient in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, binds to some of the fat you eat and flushes it out of your system—meaning you absorb fewer calories. Plus, the combination of fibers in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT helps your digestive system work more efficiently, making you feel leaner and lighter. Meanwhile, thermogenic fat burners in ENERGY, including green tea and cayenne, help your body eliminate stored fat faster. ENERGY also keeps you motivated and energized, ensuring you achieve your weight loss goals and helping you stay physically active to burn more calories.

Feel satisfied, not hungry

Hate dieting because you can't control your hunger and cravings? WEIGHT MANAGEMENT helps you feel full—so you can avoid that out-of-control urge to eat and start to make healthy, not desperate, choices. Meanwhile, ENERGY helps to increase mental clarity and focus, ensuring you don't get distracted by unhealthy foods and activities.

Get control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Glucomannan, an active ingredient in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, has been shown in clinical trials to have a positive effect on blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels—an important factor in avoiding heart disease, strokes and diabetes. So while you're losing weight, you're also improving your overall health.

Stay energized, motivated and focused

With our ENERGY formula you'll maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day. No more picking up fast food because you're simply too tired to cook. ENERGY will help you burn fat and maintain your focus on your weight loss goals.