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Our Advisory Team

When Shawna Page decided to create a comprehensive brand of supplements for women, she went from coast to coast trying to find the perfect product. She sought out medical doctors, herbalists, pharmacists and natural health practitioners. These advisors worked together to create each product and have given the formulations their stamp of approval.

The result? A family of easy to understand, doctor formulated solutions that contain the highest quality ingredients – each one backed by extensive research and clinical studies. femMED created formulas that work in harmony with one another and address the needs of women at every stage of life.

The Advisors

Dr. Yoel Abells BSc., MHSc., MD, CCFP, FCFP Medical Director, Forest Hill Family Health Centre
Dr. W. Bryn BSc., MD, Diploma in Psychiatry, Vice President, Canadian Holistic Medical Association
Dr. Cara Flamer MD, Integrative Medical Practitioner
Dr. Janet C. Frank DrPH, MSG Director for the California Geriatric Education Center
Dr. Giacomina Gucciardi-Mercurio ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Sonja Kustka MD Integrative Medical Practitioner
Trina Lambe RMT, BSc., RH (AHG) FICN CI Fitness Expert
Dr. Mark Lindsay BSc., D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine & Soft Tissue Specialist
Dr. Millie Lytle ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Dr Jennifer PearlmanMD, Women’s Health and Wellness
Dr. Stephanie Porter ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Puriste Integrative Medicine
Dr. Greg Pugen MD, Integrative Medical Practitioner
Dr. Michael Rahman ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Robert D. Rogers BSc., RH (AHG) FICN CI Registered Clinical Herbalist
Kelli Young MEd, BScOT, OTReg.(Ont.)
Dr. Fay Weisberg MD, FRCSC Gynecology & Infertility Specialist