Never make important decisions while you have PMS

Top ten list of things never to do while you have PMS.

Here we go:

10. Never decide to radically change your hair! (I did this yesterday… I could cry!)

9. Never prompt a discussion with your husband/boyfriend about ANYTHING relationship oriented. And for Gods sake if you feel like leaving him – wait a week and see if you feel the same way.

8. Never decide that it’s a good time to talk to your boss about your job.

7. Never go to a family function.

6. Never offer to babysit for anyone. (if you have kids already- you’ll hear me on that one).

5. Never get into a car accident. There will definitely be news coverage of the brawl too!

4. Never start a chocolate-free diet when you are PMSing. You’re just asking for failure.

3. Do not talk to your kid’s coach about why she sat on the bench all game and you drove an hour to the game to watch her sit.

2. Never go shopping with your spouse or significant other.

1. Never go shopping for a bathing suit when you have PMS! Depending on what’s puffy, probably not a good time to go shopping for anything

Thanks to everyone who helped finish the list for me!!!

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