Love the Skin You’re In…Pearls to Beautiful Skin and a Radiant You!

Your skin is your largest organ providing a barrier to protect internal vital organs and forming your appearance and shape. Here are some “pearls” to taking care of this important organ.

Reduce oxidative damage-

Continued oxidative damage from free radicals deteriorates our skin, damages our DNA and causes aging. Fortunately, we can slow this process by harnessing the powerful effects of antioxidants. Applying antioxidant creams such as vitamin A at bedtime and vitamin C in the morning should be a key part of your skin care program. You can also eat your antioxidants through a diet rich in vitamin A (carrots, broccoli), vitamin C (citrus and berries), vitamin E (nuts and seeds), and polyphenols found in green tea. Consider a daily anti-oxidant supplement for a truly supercharged anti-aging regimen.

Practice Safe Sun-

Sun exposure is another threat to our skin as it thins, weakens and deteriorates our skin, causing fine lines and pigmented patches not to mention skin cancer. Avoid excessive sun exposure with a broad rimmed hat, sun glasses and staying indoors during peak UV hours of 10am to 2pm. Apply daily physical sun blocks using naturally occurring earth minerals, such as zinc and titanium dioxide, as these block UVA and UVB rays as opposed to chemicals which absorb UVB only. UVA rays, which cause cancer and photo-aging, can penetrate windows, making sun block a necessary step to skin care all year round even when indoors.

Revolumize Naturally-

As we age, we lose all components of our soft tissue including collagen, elastin, and fat. Taking a supplement with vitamin B complex including biotin can help support collagen renewal.’s easier-

Prevent deep furrows and frown lines by facial relaxation. Smiling requires less energy and uses fewer muscles than frowning. Sleeping on your back can help minimize sleep lines that form along the lower face.

When we feel good …we look good!-

So take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life as a necessary step to beautiful skin and a radiant you!

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