Unique Formula
kiddieMED Omega-3 products is a high concentration triglyceride form, molecularly distilled fish oil with added floraGLO lutein and vitamin D specially formulated for babies, toddlers, and kids. It is naturally delicious! A tasty struggle free treat for the most discerning taste buds.
Third Party Tested
It is IFOS tested and 5-star rated for purity and quality. It is also IGEN tested for the absence of genetic engineering.
Small Volumes Require Precise Dosing
Our unique dispensing system is includes a neonatal pharmaceutical grade oral syringe to provide control of small doses and distinct gradient markings for visual clarity.
Increased Stability & Child Safety
Our liquid fish oil kiddieMED bottle adapter serves to minimize oxygen exposure to ensure fish oil freshness and integrity. The self-sealing bottle adapter also help secure the liquid to prevent accidental overdosing and help prevent spillage and waste if the bottle tips over or during traveling.
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