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Facts About Breast Cancer

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women.
  • Around 80% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women who are 50 and over.
  • 1 in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. 1 in 28 will die from it.

Background: What do Women Need to Know About Estrogen

For most women, breast cancer concerns rise as they get older and their natural supply of estrogens begins to diminish. Should they replenish estrogens through hormonal therapy? Estrogens are not something to always be feared.

Throughout our lives they play important roles in the health of our bones, heart, brain, hair, skin and other organs including the prostate gland in men.

What determines if estrogens will help or hurt your health? Some medical researchers are following a promising “fork in the road” hypothesis: examining the path estrogens take as they are metabolized by different organs in our bodies (liver, kidneys, and even the breast). They believe that whether or not estrogens are healthful or harmful depends on the number of oxygen/hydrogen (OH) molecules that are attached to the estrogens in your body, through a ‘routine’ metabolic process called hydroxylation.

Recently published clinical study shows how femMED Breast health may help maintain healthy breast tissue

The researchers tested femMED Breast Health on 47 pre-menopausal women and 49 post-menopausal women for 28 days. On day one and 28, they analyzed blood and urine samples. Researchers were pleasantly surprised to discover consumption of the femMED supplement significantly increased the mean urinary concentration of 2- OHE in pre- and post-menopausal women (by 110% and 88%, respectively), suggesting a risk- reducing effect. The Breast Health supplement was well-tolerated, and displayed no adverse side effects.

Key Ingredients

  • Indole-3-carbinol is a nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli. It aids in the detoxification of estrogen, has anti-cancer properties and fights free radical damage.
  • Milk thistle supports liver function and aids in detoxification.
  • Calcium-D-glucarate helps the liver detoxify and eliminate estrogen.
  • Studies have shown that Vitamin D3 may help reduce breast cancer development and growth.
  • All other ingredients in this formulation work together to support optimal Breast Health.


“Given that greater than 90% of breast cancer cases are estrogen dominant, and therefore have nothing to do with hereditary factors, the very nature of the formulation, and our subsequent findings, addresses this alarming statistic,” With breast cancer affecting one in nine women, and nothing in the marketplace available to address prevention, we were excited by the ground-breaking potential of such a unique and essential formula for women, as well as the potential benefits for women, so we were pleased to take this on. Our carcinogenic ratio was a novel biomarker we devised in order to fully assess the relative amounts of pro-carcinogenic and anti-carcinogenic estrogens/estrogen metabolites,” she continued. “Although our sample size was relatively small, we were amazed to see a statistically significant 57% reduction in this ratio in the women in our trial. In summary, we believe that this is the first NHP to illustrate the possibility of beneficially affecting estrogen metabolism in a variety of ways.”

Maggie Laidlaw, PhD, Lead Investigator, Nutrasource Diagnostics femMED Breast Health Clinical Trial