When the Well Runs Dry

Cecile LaRiviere

Posted on June 26 2009

Last night , during one of my many periods of interrupted sleep, I turned on the television to distract me from the onslaught of “things” that race through my mind in the stillness of night. The first thing I saw was the all too familiar ad for Cialis. Picture this - a middle-aged man and woman in twin bathtubs, staring dreamily at the horizon, as the announcer expounds on the wonder drug for erectile dysfunction. Never once did I hear him say anything about the libido of the woman in the picture, but then again, this WAS an ad for men.

There ISN’T an ad like that for women, because up until recently, we women, in and past menopause had kept our sex drive, or lack of it, under wraps. Now that our partners can get it up and keep it up for hours at a time, we have an issue to discuss!

As many of you may or may not know, depending on your age, hair and skin are not the only things to dry up as we age. Oh yes ladies ( and gentlemen ), THAT too. Since vaginal dryness is not a subject that comes up much at the bridge table, on the golf course, or at cocktail parties, many of us suffer in silence, feeling betrayed by our bodies. This is supposed to be OUR time, with the kids out of the house, financial pressure substantially less than it was when we had young families, and more time to spend enjoying one another. Then along comes Menopause, and accompanying it, vaginal dryness, and the thin dry walls of our urinary tract. Ever wonder why you have recurrent urinary tract infections after Menopause? Wonder no more my friends. Vaginal dryness is one of the culprits. It makes perfect sense that loss of estrogen, coupled with vaginal dryness would take a lot of the credit for our feeling less than sexy, when our partners are “rarin to go”. WONDERFUL!

I’ll bet the researchers who discovered the wonder drugs for our guys were men. Did they forget it takes two to tango? Personally, I am against taking drugs when there is an alternative, or unless they are absolutely necessary to control protracted pain, or sustain life. So I am not advocating a “little blue pill” for us gals. My beef is that women in general, do not get the attention they need. There is very little public awareness about “female” problems, before, during or after Menopause. So lets go back to my first paragraph and the idyllic scene of the happy couple in the matching bathtubs. I would like to know that women my age get equal time and attention; that our needs are recognized, and TALKED ABOUT. What good is an old guy with a THREE HOUR erection, if his better half, sitting in the bathtub beside him is happy just to enjoy the sunset, read a good book, and go to sleep?

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