Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

Vitamin D and breast cancer have several compelling connections: RN Camille Lawson tells you what you need to know about protecting yourself from the risks.

Breast health is something that is always on our minds. Many women have heard the statistics and they’re afraid of getting breast cancer. The statistics are pretty alarming, frankly. Vitamin D has now been linked with the spread of breast cancer and its incidence. Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer who also have a Vitamin D deficiency (below 40 ng/ml in their blood) have been found to have a 94% higher chance of the breast cancer spreading. And the research also shows that of women diagnosed with breast cancer who are Vitamin D deficient pass away within 10 years of their diagnosis. Scary stuff!

Why Vitamin D is Responsible

Vitamin D directly effects our immune system. It’s very logical that having sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in our system is going to help with overall health. It helps with breast cancer, it helps with prostate cancer, it helps with ovarian cancer, lung cancer – the list gets longer and longer.

How To Get More Vitamin D

How can we get more vitamin D in our diets? We want to be very solution-focused when we read news like this.

One of the ways is to get direct sun on 40% of our body between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, without sunscreen. We only need 20 minutes so we don’t have to worry about burning – just get the exposure to get Vitamin D levels optimized in the body.

We also probably want to supplement with Vitamin D: studies are showing that we probably require 8,000 iu per day to get our blood levels up to over 40ng/ml.

Get your doctor to test your Vitamin D. It’s a simple, inexpensive test that’s well worth it.

These are just a couple of things you can do today to help increase your immune system’s response and get healthier.