Recharging Women: Vitamins For Energy Make Life Easier

Cecile LaRiviere

Posted on September 28 2014

Physical fatigue is a major reason why many women go to see a physician. Any number of reasons may cause women to run out of energy. Juggling a career and a family takes its toll. Women sometimes need more than a cup of strong coffee to recharge their batteries. Sometimes an extra bit of energy is needed for women. Vitamins for energy are products that can help reduce fatigue and give women that extra boost to get through their day.

Vitamin supplements may help with a number of concerns.
  • Some supplements may help with weight loss or improve a woman's complexion.
  • Some may also help with loss of energy and the feelings of exhaustion suffered by many women.
  • Vitamins for energy may provide a lift in energy without the unwanted side effects, such as the jitters that many "Energy Drinks" create.
The body's ability to produce its own energy comes from the B group of vitamins. Vitamins B1 and B2 helped turn food into energy; others B vitamins provide an energy boost in different ways. Vitamin B5, which is an antioxidant, actually helps reduce stress which in turn relieves fatigue. Vitamin B12 helps in the generation of red blood cells, carrying oxygen throughout the body which is critical in combating fatigue. Other ingredients sometimes found in energy supplements include Asian ginseng and guarana and L-theanine. Although B vitamins play an important role in the body for metabolizing food to energy they will not on their own provide an energy boost like caffeine. Often women are have low iron as a result of menstruation and inadequate iron and can contribute to low energy levels.

When shopping for an natural supplement for women, vitamins for energy are important although to be effective look for ingredients like guarana, ginseng, green tea and rhodiola since these ingredients have been shown to increase mental alertness and provide energy. Take time to read the label to ensure that the product does not contain artificial coloring or sweeteners.

If women are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals through their diet, taking vitamins to boost energy may help, but for the majority of women who are not deficient in B vitamins or iron, a supplement containing Asian ginseng and guarana and L-theanine may do the trick for women. Vitamins for energy can help, but the best way to combat fatigue is to eat healthy food, get up and move, manage your stress and get a good night's sleep.

Natural Energy Supplement: Renewed Energy Courtesy Of Mother Nature

People around the world purchase many energy supplements every year. The difficulty with many of these energy supplements is they may or may not be beneficial. Some may contain ingredients of questionable value that could potentially cause harm. A natural energy supplement can be a healthy alternative.

Many energy enhancers are little more than a quick fix. They will provide a spurt of energy for only a short period of time. Fatigue returns when the effect wears off. A natural energy supplement often lasts longer. They are designed to keep blood sugar levels even, therefore avoiding energy peaks and valleys.

When the ingredients of these supplements contain a lot of sugar and caffeine as their primary sources of energy, as many popular over-the-counter supplements do, they produce an immediate adrenaline lift or boost, most often followed by a crash.

Many natural energy supplements contain green tea and guarana extracts which are common natural boosters that can be safely taken in a supplement. Since a natural energy supplement doesn't contain loads of sugar and caffeine the effect is not as immediate. The benefit is the energy boost is steady and prolonged.

Other natural energy stimulants include dried or fresh fruit. These are quick and easy energy snacks. Carbohydrates and proteins will also provide an energy boost. Some of these are peanuts, whole-grain bread, and milk products. Soybeans are also a very good source of energy.

Believe it or not, ordinary water can also help fight fatigue. All of these suggestions provide energy with little risk of unhealthy side effects. To prevent low energy, consumers are best to avoid highly processed foods and those containing a lot of fat.

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