Easy Ways to Lose Weight?

Cecile LaRiviere

Posted on September 30 2012

Quick and Easy Ways to Lose Weight May be Harmful to Your Health. Get A Better Recommendation
Unlike diet pills that can be dangerous to your health since they often contain stimulants, femMED Weight Management is a unique blend of soluble fibres: glucomannan, inulin along with carob and psyllium fibre that work together to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce calorie intake, thus supporting healthy weight loss. Soluble fibre also helps to improve blood glucose control and cholesterol levels and improve bowel function.

Glucomannan has been shown to stimulate weight loss, particularly in overweight and obese individuals. Supplementation with glucomannan for 8 weeks of resulted in a significant weight loss in obese subjects, and 3 months of glucomannan supplementation in addition to a low caloric diet decreased weight more significantly than the low caloric diet itself in severely obese patients.

Decreases blood cholesterol levels: Humans supplemented with 3.9 g/day glucomannan for 4 weeks had reduced serum total and LDL cholesterol.

Relieves constipation: Glucomannan has been shown to relieve constipation in healthy humans and pregnant women.

Apple fibre consists of approximately 45% dietary fibre, 31% of which is insoluble and 14% soluble. It has also been shown to improve blood cholesterol and normalize glucose response after eating.

Carob fibre has been shown to decrease blood triglycerides and cholesterol and to increase energy expenditure.

Inulins are categorized as soluble dietary fiber, and are often used as a replacement of fat, sugar and flour in foods as they contain fewer calories than typical carbohydrates, but add a slightly sweet taste and a good texture. Inulin consumption has also been shown to decrease blood glucose, insulin, triacylglycerol and cholesterol.

Always beware of products that make outrageous claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When choosing a product, consult with your pharmacist or health care provider for assistance. Important questions to ask are:
  1. Has the product been clinically tested?
  2. Are there any side effects or interactions?
  3. How should the product be taken (before meals, with food)?
  4. How long can I take this product?

Prescription Drugs

Drugs are occasionally prescribed for people with a BMI over 30, or people with a BMI over 27 who also have other risk factors or diseases. Typically, these drugs are used to complement dietary therapy and physical activity, and should never be taken in place of lifestyle strategies. There are two main categories of weight loss medications:

    •  Appetite suppressants decrease appetite and increase the feeling of being full.
      Side effects include nervousness, insomnia and irritability, increased blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea and dry mouth.

    • Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal tract, such as orlistat, decrease the amount of dietary fat that the body absorbs.
      Reported side effects include loose bowel movements, abdominal cramps and nausea.

Learn about non prescription ways to lose weight, including weight loss supplements.

It is one thing to know what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. It is another thing to actually implement it. Here are some suggestions:
Keep a food diary. Before you decide what you need to change, take an objective look at what you are eating now. Most of us underestimate the number of calories we eat and forget about the quick little snacks we grab here and there. By writing down everything you put in your mouth you will gain awareness of where you need to make changes, such as whittling down the fillers (refined carbohydrates, sweets, and snack foods).

Set manageable goals. A 50-pound weight loss is daunting. Focus on five-pound increments instead. If you gradually lose one-half to one pound a week, you will lose five pounds in five to ten weeks. In the meantime, you will be shaking off some of your fattening habits and adopting healthier ones.

Make more daily health-promoting choices. If you like to snack, choose fresh fruit over ice cream. Opt for nuts or sunflower seeds over high-fat potato chips. Order your latte with skim milk instead of cream. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car farther away from your destination, so you do a little more walking. All of these small shifts in behavior add up to steady weight loss and improved overall health.

Take pride in your progress. Modest losses can yield impressive health benefits. By losing ten pounds, you can lower your blood pressure significantly. When you lose twenty excess pounds, you: reduce your mortality by 20 to 25 percent; reduce angina symptoms by 91 percent; decrease total cholesterol by 10 percent; cut your risk of developing diabetes by more than 50 percent; and increase your exercise tolerance by 33 percent.

Make a commitment to lifelong changes. Changing your diet and lifestyle for a month or two is a good start, but it is not enough. For long-term weight loss, you need to make long-term changes. Create a board on Pinterest and collect healthy recipe ideas. Subscribe to blogs or Friend on Facebook companies that give you healthy living tips. Get the support you need to make a lifestyle change.

Discover more successful strategies for enhancing fat loss.

Eat It!

Developing smart eating habits is an important part of losing the weight and keeping it off. These don’t have to have to be dramatic changes especially if you’re just starting out.

Start substituting different foods in for your usual favourites. Switch your regular pasta for a whole wheat version and find a simple recipe for a great sauce.  Reach for the milk and honey instead of the cream and sugar for your coffee.  Read up on your favourite flavours and find out some of the health and weight loss benefits that they might have!

There are tonnes of great cookbooks, websites and weight loss programs available that focus on healthy recipes for weight loss. They often have the serving portions broken down by calories so you know how large each meal is and how much is appropriate to eat in a sitting. If cooking is a foreign experience for you, try a health focused cooking class. Bring some friends along and make a night out of it.

Another really simple tip to eating healthy is to bring your meals with you, even if it’s just a small container of granola at your desk or a piece of fruit that lives in your purse. When you start feeling those hunger pains you already have your healthy snack on hand.

Start bringing your lunch to work. Just make sure you give your lunches enough thought ahead of time or you’ll just end up buying something unhealthy on the go.  The trick is to make meals in bulk and keep them divided in containers in calorie appropriate portions in your fridge or cupboards. That way you can just grab and go in the mornings.

If you need some motivation to switch over to homemade healthy meals just do math and see how much money and how many calories you’ll be saving each month. Just think of the cute shoes you’ll be able to buy with your lunch time savings!


Stretch it off? Run it off? Dance if off? How do you lose weight the best?

How are you going to make being active a part of your lifestyle and not a chore that just helps with losing weight.

If the thought of going to the gym makes you uncomfortable then maybe the gym isn’t the right place for you right now. Find an exercise class/activity that looks like fun and ask if there is trial period or intro class that you can try before committing to it long term. If it’s not the right fit at least you can say you tried something, it didn’t work, but you still got a great work out in. Look for something that you’ve always wanted to try, karate or ballet, maybe? There are adult beginner classes for almost anything these days so it might be fun to revive an old childhood dream.

Go online and look at what’s close to home. Is there a yoga studio around the corner? Is there a neighbourhood boot camp running? If there is something happening close to home that works with your schedule it can’t hurt to give it a try. Classes are often scheduled to allow people time to get there right after work so it’s easy to fit into your regular weekly routine.

Get App happy – there are lots of free or affordable fitness and nutrition apps out there that can help you with your goals and have the convenience of being right at your finger tips. Food diaries on your phone are a great way of keeping track of what you’re eating, when you’re eating, if you took your supplement or multivitamin and how many calories you’re consuming a day.  Find an app that does all the math for you so you just have decide what’s good to eat.

Hit the books – We know it sounds like the opposite of getting exercise but there are useful training and weight loss tips you can read up on and practice at home by yourself. Finding a fun workout DVD is also a great thing to have in your work out arsenal. If you’re someone who needs to switch things up on a regular basis or you’ve missed your regular exercise activity (because – let’s face it - life happens and sometimes you just can’t go) put on a DVD and sweat it out at home.  It’s also handy to have with you if you travel frequently and the hotel gym facilities are less then desired.

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