Craving Sweets? Here's A 300-Year-Old Hack That May Help

Cecile LaRiviere

Posted on January 05 2016

Do you crave sweets after dinner? Does the thought of a piece of pie or a scoop of chocolate ice cream distract you to the point where you run to the kitchen, throwing off a good day's diet? Here's a trick I unearthed in a three-hundred-year-old-book that works just as well today: suck on it. No, really.

Part of cravings are simply the desire to have for your mouth to do, especially if you are cutting down on meal sizes. And part of cravings are a desire for a different flavour in your mouth.

If you suck on a strong spice like a whole clove (you know, like the things you stud in hams on holidays) you'll achieve both.

Another spice to try? Star Anise - it'll impart a vaguely liquorice-like flavour that's very satisfying. (Unless it reminds you of a bad sambuca experience. . . In that case, see the whole clove suggestion, above.)

Do you have any cravings tricks? Share them with us!

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