femMED Sleep, a Natural Sleep Aid

Cecile LaRiviere

Posted on September 25 2012

femMED Sleep is a natural sleep aid including 8 ingredients for the promotion of sleep. These nutrients are delivered in an easy to swallow, vegetarian capsule. The ingredients include: Magnolia Bark , Passionflower , Lemon Balm , Skullcap , L-theanine(Camellia sinensis ), Wild Green Oat (Avena sativa powdered extract, 4:1), 5-HTP , Amur Bark and Melatonin.

Magnolia Bark is an herb of ancient Chinese medicine that is reported to have anti-anxiety effects and induces sedation.

Passionflower has been shown to have sleep inducing and anti-anxiety effects.

Lemon Balm has been found to have sedative, anti-agitation and calming effects. Clinical trials have also shown that lemon balm has the ability to improve mood and cognitive function in response to stress.

Skullcap traditionally used as a natural sleep aid or mild sedative,  a claim which is now well supported by research.

L-theanine (Camellia sinensis ) may increase alpha wave activity through mechanisms using neurotransmitters within 30-40 minutes of consumption, thus producing alert relaxation.

5-HTP  given to healthy humans results in an increase in REM sleep, an increase in total rapid eye movement, and a decrease in nonREM sleep.

Amur Bark is derived from a cork tree that originated from China. Its active constituent is berberine, which has depressive effects on the central nervous system , leading to a sedative effect.

Melatonin, long used as a natural sleep aid,  regulates the body's sleep-wake cycle according to light exposure. Supplemental melatonin has also been shown to be efficacious in earlier sleep onset, offset and better sleep quality.

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