The Women’s Natural Health Summit Q&A


Thanks to everyone who submitted a questions at the recent Women’s Natural Health Summit.

We have completed answering all of the questions we were able to from this years Women’s Natural Health Summit. We were unable to answer some questions because they requested specific medical advice and without knowledge of specific medical histories, state of health and other confounding factors we cannot provide specific recommendations/answers to those questions.

Questions from the Natural Health Summit are answered on our Blog

What test do I need to request for cardiac assessment (family history of heart disease)? 

Will taking fish oil supplements co-Q10  or  antioxidants provide reversible effects on heart issues (i.e. if started later in life)? 

With a fish allergy, is it safe to take an Omega-3 supplement (fish oil)? 

What are your thoughts with regards to taking a baby aspirin? If recommended how often and for what reason? (Heart Health)? 

How long does it take for herbal/vitamin/mineral supplements to start working or be effective? 

Does it matter how fresh garlic is prepared to get nutritional benefits? 

Can you suggest supplements for PMS and painful periods?

Is there not contraindication with Green Tea and liver disorders? 

What do I need to avoid as in ingredients in products (i.e. aluminum in deodorant) What skin care products are safe and toxin free? 

What about estrogen in Green Tea and soy beans for increasing breast lumps? My GP has told me not to drink green tea.

The recommendation is 7 hours of sleep per night. Is that continuous, unbroken sleep or can it be interrupted?

I haven’t been sleeping well for the longest while. What can I do? 

What kind of green tea is healthy?

Is there any way to regulate my thyroid without medication if I have hypothyroidism?

Does taking lemon juice with water daily help to prevent breast cancer? (1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 cup of water)?

Is there something that will help shrink or get rid of fibroids?

What is a recommended birth control pill or birth control method apart from condoms?

 What is your opinion about Maca powder or Macafem for hot flushes and menopause symptoms?

In terms of synthetic hormones what about medications such as Synthroid for hypothyroidism that doctors say you have to take for the rest of your life? What should I do? Where do I go next?

 Is there anything natural to take for PCOS rather than Diane 35?

Does chemotherapy increase cholesterol and could that cholesterol influence creation of breast cancers?

Is it true that eating a lot of meat substitutions (tofu, soy etc.) raise/effect estrogen levels & weight gain?

Is there an age post-menopause at which you should stop taking HRT?

I saw a ob/gyn and was recommended a D&C, but my family doctor says no. I have cramps and am postmenopausal. Ultrasound shows a thickening on the left side. What should I do?

If you have already had breast cancer, are BRCA2 positive and are taking Tamoxifen, could femMED Breast Health be taken to reduce risk of re-occurrence?-Could femMED libido be taken?


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