A Good Night’s Sleep Sometimes Needs Good Sleep Vitamins

After the end of a very busy day you find yourself lying in bed with your eyes wide open. Your mind is racing and you can’t shut down. In today’s society with people always on the go, it becomes a challenge to fall asleep and get a good nights’ sleep. Sleep vitamins may help at these times.

Anyone who’s looking for help getting good rest should be aware of vitamin B. Many times the reason a person cannot get to sleep is due to a disruption in the circadian rhythm. This happens when certain glands are not performing up to par. The pineal glands produce sleep inducing melatonin, and vitamin B6 aids in the production of this hormone. Insomnia can be the product of adrenal glands that are not working as they should. Again, the best sleep vitamins can be found in the vitamin B family. Both vitamin B 12 and B3 work to keep adrenal glands in good shape.

Restless Leg Syndrome causes a leg to uncontrollably twitch and this is a barrier for many people trying to get quality sleep. Vitamin E helps regulate this disorder so the person can get to sleep. Vitamin D has also been found to be necessary in the body to help produce melatonin. Vitamin D is actually a hormone not a vitamin like vitamin C. Vitamin D can be found in food or supplements at the store but the best source is sunlight. Since it is nearly impossible to get adequate vitamin D from food in the absence of sunlight, supplementing with a quality vitamin D3 supplement is essential to help a person produce melatonin.

Sleep vitamins work best when they are part of an overall sleep strategy. Any woman trying to get to sleep can help things along by not drinking caffeine before bed. Deep breathing exercises, calming soft music and going to bed the same time each night create the sleep conditions that allows the vitamins to work their best.

Sleep vitamins, including vitmain E and D can be found in various food products. These include things such as whole wheat bread, certain kinds of salad greens, fruit, and various dairy products. Some of these could be part of a snack eaten an hour or so before bed. It is possible that a woman’s diet is lacking in some of the vitamins sleep helpers. If that happens, she can always go to the store and buy vitamin supplements. You need to remember that with all vitamin supplements, you need to take the daily recommended dosage. More is not better. Using the right amount of vitamins can help bring on sleep. And that is better than relying on prescription sleeping pills or other substances that have unwanted side effects.