How Do You Prevent Osteoporosis? Three Tips You Can Use Today

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Many adults over fifty, especially those who are living alone or in isolated areas, are concerned about how they can prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis weakens the bones resulting in bones that can be easily fractured or broken. It can cause hip fractures that can severely limit mobility and quality of life.

How do you prevent osteoporosis? One way is to increase the amount of calcium in your daily diet. Calcium is a mineral that increases bone mass. A daily diet rich in calcium helps to maximize bone mass. In addition, by consuming food rich in calcium the body will not be required to draw calcium away from the bones.

An adult needs approximately 1200mg of calcium daily. This calcium can be found in calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy products, ordinary salad greens, and soybeans among other sources.

Vitamin D is also required for strong bones since vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium. ¬†Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D to help absorb calcium, however when the sun isn’t shining look for a bone supplement that contains vitamin D. Magnesium and vitamin K2 are also important in maximizing bone mass and preventing osteoporosis. Try a dietary supplement that combines all four of these ingredients.

How do you prevent osteoporosis besides a healthy diet? Try exercising every day. It’s been proven that at least one half-hour of exercise on a daily basis will make the bones much stronger and keep osteoporosis at bay. Strength training in particular is recommended since that type of workout has the muscles pulling on the bone, thus increasing its strength. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean grabbing a pair of barbells. Other types of exercise that can lead to greater bone strength include walking, yoga, jogging, and aerobics.

The best way to prevent bone loss is with a calcium rich diet and healthy lifestyle that incorporates weight bearing exercise on a daily basis. ¬†If you’re still wondering how do you prevent osteoporosis, take a look at our Bone Supplement.