What Are the Best Supplements for Weight Loss for Women?

Over 66% of Canadians are overweight or obese.

Carrying excess weight is linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and infertility.  The best supplements for weight loss for women help to lose weight naturally, without dangerous stimulants.

Carrying excess body fat is linked to some of our greatest health threats, namely heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It can also elevate blood pressure and add stress to the body. Obesity is linked to gall bladder disease, gastro-intestinal disease, sexual dysfunction, osteoarthritis, and stroke. The emotional consequences of obesity can be just as serious: low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

It is important to note that if you are overweight or obese, losing even a small amount of weight safely, using  the best supplements for weight loss for women, can improve your health. Studies have shown that losing 10 to 15 percent of excess weight can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

It is important to get your body fat percentage checked. This can be done at a medical centre or health club. The recommended range of body fat for women is 15 to 25 percent.

How Does Weight Management Help You Lose and Maintain Your Weight?

  • Promotes steady, healthy weight loss
  • Offers relief from occasional constipation with psyllium fibre
  • Normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels

All 4 ingredients found in femMED Weight Management feature a unique blend of soluble fibres: glucomannan, inulin along with carob and psyllium fibre work together to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce calorie intake, thus supporting weight loss. Soluble fibre also helps to improve blood glucose control and cholesterol levels and improve bowel function.

Apples versus Pears

Research has found that fat on the thighs and hips is less dangerous than fat that accumulates around the mid-section. Abdominal obesity, or an “apple” shaped body, is associated with more health risks than a “pear” shaped body (larger hips and thighs), because belly fat produces chemicals that trigger inflammation and increase cholesterol and clot formation—all risk factors for heart disease. Belly fat is also associated with insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 diabetes.

To determine whether your mid-section is putting you at risk, check your waist circumference. In women, a measurement of greater than 88 cm (35 inches) represents an increased risk.

Being physically active, not smoking, and using unsaturated fat over saturated fat have been shown to decrease the risk of developing abdominal obesity.

At femMED we stand by our products and want you to be 100% satisfied with them. If you are not satisfied with any product purchased from our online store, we will issue a complete refund within 30 days of purchase (less shipping charges). Learn about our Empty Bottle Money-Back Guarantee/Return Policy .

If you have any questions about whether femMED is right for you, we urge you to contact us by phone, email, or on Facebook. We want to help you make the right decision for your health.

 Things are going so well for me; I often have to pinch myself! I can’t believe my whole new attitude towards food. I have tried every diet under the sun with no long-term success. My weight has gone up and down like a teeter-totter, which has affected every facet of my overall health and well-being. Until now! Weight Managements is not just a diet; it’s a way of life. I never feel “starved” and so I never over eat. For me, it’s been that simple! From time to time I have even had shortbread, butter tarts and my favourite chocolate cake! It’s funny… I don’t recall the last time I ate a whole piece! Weight Management is heaven sent!
Allison K. Kelowna, B.C.

Weighing In

If you have decided to lose weight, set reasonable goals and make small, gradual changes to your lifestyle. Be consistent with your exercise program, eat healthily, take advantage of the  best supplements for weight loss for women, and make sure you get adequate sleep. Most importantly, be patient. It takes time to lose weight, but the rewards are worthwhile.

Effective Solution for Promoting healthy weight management

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