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Time For A Change

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In this my first blog, I want to discuss my pet peeve – Menopause , or should I say the secrecy surrounding it as I approached the age of discovery

Women of my era, which was not THAT long ago, learned little or nothing of sex in general, and menopause in particular. My Mother and her peers NEVER mentioned the “M“ word, maybe because to them, it signalled the loss of their youth and vitality, and the descent into “dreaded” old age. I doubt there was any forum to discuss their concerns surrounding the loss of their periods, and the changes that accompanied that loss. In all probability, Menopause was an embarrassing topic and one to be avoided.

As I approached my early 40’s, and started experiencing an erratic menstrual cycle, I broached the subject to my mother, seeking comfort, reassurance that all was well, and advice as to what I may expect, going forward. Her response was “One day, my period just stopped.” Period – end of story. So began my lonesome journey of discovery.

My gynaecologist – a male – prescribed birth control pills to regulate my periods, but offered no hint of what might occur, as time went on – and I guess I was happy to remain ignorant. Shortly thereafter, HRT became the new buzz, and for the next four years I was on a roll – scant period once a month like clockwork, no unpleasant symptoms, great sex life, tons of energy, and life was great!

Then the bottom abruptly fell out. Hormone replacement therapy was discontinued and the “fun” began. I was suddenly adrift on a sea of what I perceived to be assaults upon my body; changes that NOBODY, not my mother, not my physician, NOBODY, had ever prepared me for, changes that annoyed me, angered me, and sometimes frightened me. I promised myself then, that my daughters would better manage their Menopausal symptoms. They would not be ignorant, because I would share with them all the “gory details” of this life – changing thing called “change of life”. I would empower them with the two simple tools they would need to get through it; one being Knowledge, which leads to resources, results and ultimately, relief! The second is a sense of humour, and the ability to laugh at themselves.

AT 64 years of age, I am still discovering some changes that accompany Menopause, but FINALLY, I am not alone. I am in the company of younger, yes, younger, independent, self-confident, and enlightened woman, who ask questions, demand answers, get results, and open up to their teachers, doctors, friends, family and perhaps most important, their partners, who travel the long road of life with them. They, more than anyone else, need to understand the physical and emotional changes that may accompany Menopause – changes that none of us bargained for, but nevertheless find our selves confronted with to varying degrees. C’est la vie, my friends!

As time goes on, I will share my experiences with you, and I hope you will share yours with me and whoever else visits our site. Through our stories, we might vent a little, cry a little, and laugh a lot. But rest assured, we will do it TOGETHER!

Good Health!


Tyrral Prashker
Tyrral is a 64 year old woman, with four daughters, ages 38 to 44, four sons-in-laws, and 9 grandchildren. Married for 46 years, Tyrral has spent 17 years working full time, while at the same time, raising her daughters. Family is her number one source of joy and fulfillment.
Presently retired, much of Tyrral’s time is spent in Florida during the winter months, where her main interests are golf, yoga, aquatics, aerobics, and weight training. Maintaining good health and well-being is a large part of Tyrral’s life, and staying active supports her goal of enjoying every day, for many years to come.

    1 Comment

  1. I am 54 years old and have been living with hot flashes several times a day and night for the past year. It makes it difficult to sleep and I find I am crankier than usual during the day.

    I am reluctant to take HRT especially since my mother died from breast cancer when I was in my thirties. My doctor advised me against HRT in light of the recent findings linking HRT to breast cancer, but I am at my wits end (so is my husband). I have recently purchased Menopause Relief ( have taken it for 1 week) Is there anyone else out there who has had success with natural supplements and how long did you have to take them before you noticed a difference?

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