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The Missing Link: Stress and Weight

The Missing Link:  Stress and Weight

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Who has not experienced 24/7 STRESS?  As busy women most of us do regularly, however, we were never meant to experience CHRONIC STRESS!  We are supposed to have small amounts which are both beneficial and necessary, followed by a return to a state of relaxation.  Hmmm, what is that you ask? Stress releases the hormone CORTISOL responsible for many important functions in our body: Glucose metabolism Blood pressure regulation Insulin release to maintain level blood sugars Inflammation response When we have too much cortisol in our body for too long (that would be for most of us!)  it adversely affects many important functions.  The missing link for many women and problems with weight loss is stress and cortisol! Here’s why: Too much cortisol causes Decreased thyroid function Sugar imbalances Increased abdominal fat Decreased immune system function (this is another very significant finding that stress=sickness) I see women in my practice who complain that they exist on “carrots and celery”, yet do not lose any body fat at all, ever.  While a low calorie, deprivation diet is very unhealthy (e.g. lowers metabolism and deprives the body of needed nutrients) when I ask about their stress levels inevitability one of the missing pieces becomes clear. The reason for stress and weight gain? Cortisol is often the culprit! So, what can we do to reduce our constant stress and therefore reduce our cortisol levels? Here are some useful tips – both nutritional and lifestyle: Walk daily – for exercise AND very therapeutic.  I personally have conversations with myself Yoga – studies do show it definitely works to reduce stress and weight and has numerous other health benefits Breathe deeply, often!  Simple, yet extraordinarily effective and feel effects immediately! Sex – YES, sex reduces stress in many ways, not the least is that in women it releases our “feel good and loving” hormone, Oxytocin.  Try it and see for yourself! Use femMed natural supplements formulated specifically for women.  In particular, I recommend Weight Management, Hormonal Balance and Menopause Relief to help reduce stress and cortisol. Exercise moderately 5-6 times a week.  Even 30 minutes makes an enormous difference. 200 mcg Chromium may help reduce sugar cravings Carbs are not ALL bad – try eliminating all white carbs and do add in brown rice, sweet potato, whole and ancient grains, oatmeal and lots of brightly coloured vegetables.  Why?  Helps raise your feel good neurotransmitter – SEROTONIN.  Amino acids also do this, naturally. Empower yourself with supportive personal development seminars and weekends As women, our health must come first – without it we cannot assist our families, colleagues, friends and most of all, ourselves!  Please commit to adding in just 3 of the stress reducers for the next 30 days and let us know how you feel.  Fight stress and weight gain. YOU are worth it! In health, Camille Stress is one of the main...

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