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Sitting on the Sidelines

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Due to a recent kickboxing injury, I have now been on crutches for 2 weeks and still have 2 more weeks to go. This is a serious problem for someone like me who has never used crutches and is always active.

I love nothing more than a lazy weekend on the couch watching bad TV, but a full month of it is truly agonizing! Apart from a speedy recovery, my biggest concern is how do I keep on track with my goals for staying healthy?

After 2 weeks on crutches I have learned some helpful tips on how to stay healthy while recovering from an injury.

The first is obvious; speak with your doctor about what is realistic. Your number one priority should be following their advice on how to help your injury heal properly. I am lucky that my knee injury is relatively minor (when compared to something like a broken leg). If your injury requires a longer recovery time, please be smart about getting better. Don’t over exert yourself; give your body time to heal.

Second, eating right and sticking to a healthy diet is even more important than ever. Stock up on all your favourite healthy foods. I bought double the amount of everything that I usually get at the grocery store. I then spent the entire weekend preparing all my lunches and dinners for the week. I prepared lots of different fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains and  stored them in containers in the fridge. That way, as soon as I made it through the door after work, I was able to make dinner quickly and with plenty of options. This way I am never bored with what I am eating, and it helps me stay on track.

Third, if you’ve got them, use your crutches. The daily walk to my bus stop and office is a total of 30 minutes on crutches. After only a week, I’ve noticed that my shoulders, upper back and arms have been getting a great workout. I have been using my pectoral muscle, biceps, deltoids and trapezius much more than I usually do. I did the math and I am burning approximately 300+ calories an hour. Using my crutches regularly has also helped to build my stamina and exert some of that pent-up energy.

Lastly, keep your mind and your hands busy. Trust me; it will help make the time go by much faster. I asked friends to recommend books, puzzles, word games, anything that would keep me busy but resting at the same time. I’ve even taken up knitting. Try to take advantage of being parked on the couch and turn an unfortunate situation to your advantage.

Allison Todd
After completing a Bachelors of Arts degree from Dalhousie University, Allison moved back to Toronto to complete a post graduate degree certification in corporate communications from Seneca College. From there she cut her PR teeth working with a Toronto PR agency before moving to femMED. Allison’s passionate about health and fitness. She loves to cook healthy meals and her bookcase at home is dangerously at risk of over flowing with cookbooks. She loves a good workout, finished Tough Mudder, and hits the pavement for a run as often as possible.

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