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Prenatal Comparison

The following chart compares femMED Pregnancy with three of the leading prenatal brands. Unlike the leading brands, femMED Pregnancy does not contain any of the potentially unnecessary additives that are found in the leading brands.

*Leading Brand B also includes a liquid gelcap in their prenatal package that was not included in this comparison.

**Leading Brand C also includes digestive enzymes which were not included for comparison purposes in the above chart.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients (excipients) are various synthetic fillers used in making many nutritional or “natural” supplements. They are added to give the desired consistency or form for making tablets. Tablets cannot be manufactured without the use of excipients. Some common excipients are binders such as hydrogenated oils, fillers such as talc or corn starch, lubricants like magnesium stearate, and coloring and flavoring agents such as fructose or malt dextrose.

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