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Part 2-Hormones: The Key To Vibrant Health And Sexuality For Women

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Camille Lawson RN, BA, MEd (specializing in Hormones, Nutrition, Sexuality & Relationships)

As we enter into perimenopause our hormones fluctuate and eventually decline with menopause and  as you can see from the lists in Part One of the possible symptoms with low hormone levels, getting our hormones balanced can really assist us in feeling like ourselves once again!  There are a few options available to those who chose to treat low hormone levels.  I do NOT ever recommend using synthetic hormones (HRT) such as Premarin and Provera, however, I DO recommend both natural supplements and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT).

I personally use and recommend the femMED  line of natural, quality supplements.  In particular, many of my clients find Breast Health, Hormonal Balance and Menopause Relief  have really improved the quality of their lives and helped balance their hormones while reducing the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

I also use and recommend BHRT for those who would like to restore their hormone levels, naturally, working collaboratively with an Integrative Physician.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

  • Definition: Exact replica of the hormones made in our bodies, molecularly “natural” hormones.
  • No toxification of the liver and no adverse side effects if the doses are correct
  • Suzanne Somers popularized them in her book, “The Sexy Years”; they were not used much in North America because of our reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • All Bioidentical hormones originate from either soy or diosgenin (wild yam) plant sterols that are put through steps in a lab to become a hormone that is identical to the hormones manufactured by the body
  • Compounding pharmacies are key to correct formulation after a thorough hormone panel is done
  • Expect and insist on a collaborative relationship with your health provider!!! It is YOUR body.  Be Your Own Advocate
  • Be patient:  it will take time to determine the exact right doses for YOU
  • The goal is OPTIMUM health and vitality- nutrition, supplements, and exercise play important roles
Lisa Fielding
For the past 25 years, Lisa has enjoyed various roles within the marketing and advertising industry, including at femMED. A busy mom with 2 young children, 2 dogs and a cat named George, Lisa, like all working moms, strives to find the right balance between all things work and play. A firm believer in taking charge of your own destiny, Lisa is passionate about women’s health and encourages women to become their own health advocates.

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