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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” CS Lewis

Welcome to Anamaya. The word ‘Anamaya’ means health in Sanskrit. It is our passion in life to help women and men live into the optimal, vibrant individuals we were designed to be. Sadly, so many people live in a state where they are fatigued, overwhelmed, exhausted, and unbalanced thinking that this is normal. These sensations are not normal – we were created to live in a state of wellbeing. If you are not feeling balanced then you are in the right place!

Feeling like a HOT MESS is not normal so we say, NO HOT MESS ANYMORE ! Stay tuned for tips and suggestions to take the NO and MESS out and stay HOT

The femMED and manMED product lines were created out of an obvious gap in how we were living versus how we could be living. The ingredients are selected based on their ability to help us live in balanced bodies with the energy, vitality and desire. Click here to see why so many people love these formulas.

Many health practitioners are recommending femMED and manMED to their clients and patients. Click here to find out what these practitioners have to say.

Latest Articles

  • Hormones and Sexuality Hormones: The Key To Vibrant Health And Sexuality For Women
    There are over 50 known hormones in our body and they regulate cell function, influence cellular activity and are chemical messengers.  They do this best when they are “balanced”. When hormones are NOT balanced, things happen in small or BIG ways. Imbalances occur due to internal and external factors. Estrogens Made in ovaries, adrenal glands and some fat cells 3 types: Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol Formation of female secondary characteristics, stimulates endometrial growth  Maintains skin and blood vessels,  increases bone formation, involved with protein synthesis, coagulation, lipid (fats) function, sodium and water balance and gastrointestinal function Link between increased Cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increased fat cells which increases levels of Estrogens (can cause Estrogen Dominance) Any of these sound familiar? Progesterone Progesterone is a very critical hormone, often underestimated in importance! Produced mostly by the ovaries and adrenal glands Regulates …

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  • How Our Hormones Affect Our Libido Through The Decades And What We Can Do About Them
    Hormones are the KEY to vibrant sexual health for women. Did you know that we have over 50 known hormones secreted by our body!? Our sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA and their balancing act or lack thereof, largely influences our sex drive or libido.

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Complementary Products

These products were designed to work in conjunction with one another. This is why our bundles – Balance, Bliss, Glow and Joy, and Stamina and Chill – were created for convenience and simplicity. By combining these with a healthy diet and exercise program, a new level of health could be in the near future. Imagine feeling vital, renewed and empowered. Our Anamaya community is more than simply about taking products, it is about bringing together people who have a shared vision.

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Which Product is Right for Me?

Health products for women of all agesfemMED’s products were designed to work synergistically for women of all ages, in all stages (and manMED for the men in their life, too!). Contact us for a recommendation or to click here to see all products.


Your Success Stories

Success videoHave you taken the femMED challenge to bring Balance, Bliss and Glow back into your life? Upload a 30-second video to our Facebook page telling us your story—you could win a three-month supply of your choice of bundles!

Camille Lawson - Hormone, Menopause, and Sexuality Advisor

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