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Never too old to learn something new!

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Ok, I’m going to come clean.   I was reluctant to take on the responsibility of contributing to our blog.  Not because I’m short on time, and not because I don’t have a lot to say.  I was reluctant because I have never written a blog, nor have I ever followed one, or contributed to one.  Hell, to be perfectly honest, before now I really didn’t know what a blog was!  I have decided to listen to my inner voice… one of my many guiding principals… “Do what you would do if you weren’t afraid”… and so I go, head first into this unknown world of blogging!

Let’s get the formalities out of the way.  Yes, I’m the woman behind femMED.  But I’m also a 44 year old  who is a wife, mother to 3 (ages 15, 14 & 11), eldest of 4 daughters, and eldest of 14 grand-daughters.  Is it any wonder why I’ve got a fascination with women’s health?!  I also have 2 bearded collies – Stanley and Sherman.

I plan to blog about whatever comes to mind so visit regularly, comment honestly and share the wisdom.

Until next time,


Shawna Page
Shawna Page is the founder and CEO of femMED. Following a 20-year career in the investment banking industry, Shawna was ready to settle down and take on a new challenge: early retirement and being a full-time mother to her three children. Little did she realize she would be back in the saddle after only 3 weeks. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been a top priority, and over the years Shawna had gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the natural health world, but more importantly, she became very aware of the consumer pitfalls as well. Searching the store aisles for the right supplement was frustrating and confusing. There was no trusted brand just for women. That, combined with the lack of natural options available to women, gave birth to her desire to simplify things and she created femMED, the first ever consumer friendly all-natural solution to women’s most common health concerns.

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  1. Hi Shawna, congrats on your first blog entry! Loved the sincerity of it! O

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