Mid life Weight Gain Can Have Serious Health Consequences-Glucomannan Can Help

As many women enter perimenopause they experience unexplained weight gain despite their best attempts to diet. What worked for them in the past is suddenly ineffective, and they have trouble maintaining their weight.

Women Gain Most Of Their Weight In Their 40’s And 50’s. Many women will gain most of this weight during the years leading up to menopause called perimenopause. This is largely due to hormone fluctuation and diminished activity. During these years, women develop can develop “insulin resistance” making their bodies store fat, rather than burn calories. Mitochondria, the structures within our cells that govern how food is converted into energy also begin to slow down or die off-resulting in weight gain.

Dangerous Weight Accumulates Around The Middle. Weight gain tends to accumulate around the middle – lending credence to the term “middle-age spread”. An extra pound in the years prior to perimenopause will settle evenly over hips, bottom, thighs, and arms. During the years leading up to menopause, it all goes round the middle. Most of this weight will come on gradually, about a pound per year.

Research shows that women need to be concerned about this weight gain. Excessive fat stored around the abdomen can lead to an increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and breast cancer. In fact some studies suggest that as little as a 4 pound weight gain after age 50 can increase breast cancer risk by as much as 30%.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Studies show that this weight gain can be prevented with some lifestyle changes.

Muscle burns 3 times as many calories as fat. As women get older they often become less active, leading to loss of muscle mass. Since muscle burns 3 times more calories than fat, when women lose muscle mass the calories begin to add up. After the age of forty, women lose muscle mass at twice the rate of men.

The good news is, with aerobic activity, women can shed excess pounds or maintain a healthy weight. Weight bearing exercises are critical in build- ing and sustaining muscle mass- which in turn burns more calories. Women should aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily and engage in weight bearing exercises at least twice a week.

100 Calories Fewer/Day In Your 40’s And 200 Calories/Day In Your 50’s. In your 40’s as your metabolism slows down you need to reduce your daily calories by 100 just to stay the same weight. In your 50s, this goes up to 200 calories per day. This may seem like a lot, but it can involve making small changes-skip the cream in the coffee and opt for 2% milk instead, remove the skin from chicken, skip the fries with your burger and ditch the soft drinks. For many people if they just eliminated the white goods from their diet, they would significantly reduce their daily calories. White goods include things made with white flour such as cookies, cakes, most processed foods and of course white bread.

Ramp Up Your Metabolism With Cayenne Pepper, Red Pepper, Jalapenos, Habaneros, And Tabasco. The members of this plant family all contain capsaicin, an ingredient proven to boost metabolism and burn through fat. By adding spices like cayenne pepper to your diet, you can burn up to 50 extra calories a day since they double energy expenditure for 3 hours after a meal. Oolong tea contains polyphenols that help block fat-building enzymes and raises metabolism for 2 hours after each cup. Since it is low in caffeine you can drink it throughout the day for continued results. Ginger also has the potential to raise metabolism by up to 20% after eating and aids in digestion as well. Ice water, is another way to boost metabolism. Drinking ice water actually requires your body to burn calories to bring your body temperature back to normal. Eight glasses a day equals 70 calories.

Celebrity Cardiologist. Dr. Oz Votes Glucomannan As The Best Ingredient In Weight Loss Supplements. Glucomannan is a natural thickening agent derived from the root of the konjac plant that has been shown to stimulate weight loss, particularly in overweight and obese individuals.

When obese adults consumed 1 gram of glucomannan fiber one hour be- fore each meal for eight weeks, they lost an average of 5.5 pounds of body weight—with no changes to their eat- ing or exercise habits.

Glucomannan is a zero calorie fibre that is reputed to be able to hold up to 200 times its own weight in water. This means that you feel full without the calories. It has the highest mo- lecular weight and viscosity of any known dietary fiber.

Glucomannan Beneficially Affects Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Body Weight, And Blood Sugar Levels. Research indicates that soluble fibers help lower blood cholesterol, slow glucose absorption, lower the Glycemic index and promote regular bowel movements. If you do take glucomannan in a pill form, it is imperative that you take it with 8 ounces of water and NOT immediately before bed.