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Menopause, Perimenopause, Induced Menopause

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watch City Line whenever I can. It’s a talk show here in Toronto. They deal with a lot of women’s issues. On there website they describe the differences between Menopause, Perimenopause and Induced menopause in a nice, straight forward, easy to understand way:

Menopause is a natural process that happens to every woman. It is neither an illness nor medical condition, basically a rite of passage for women alike. Menopause is the end of menstruation. Simply put menopause officially occurs when a women has not had her period for one full year. This is a natural aging process that occurs in women once her ovaries start to produce lower levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Furthermore she is no longer able to become pregnant. While menopause is different for every woman, the age range for experiencing it is between 42 years old and 56 years old. The average age is 52 years old.

Perimenopause, a less familiar term actually refers to the numerous years prior to menopause when a woman starts feeling the symptoms of the menopausal changeover. Most people use the term menopause to relate to the entire transition prior, during and after menopause has occurred.

While not every woman will experience all the signs of menopause, most will experience some of the signs. The most noticeable sign is the start of irregular periods. Other signs and symptoms may include:
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Mood swings
Vaginal dryness
Short-term memory problems
Urinary tract infections
The majority of the symptoms do disappear once menopause has completed.
It is interesting to note that women in different parts of the world experience different symptoms, perhaps induced by their diet, climate or simply genetics.

Induced Menopause is when a woman undergoes an immediate and premature menopause. This happens when her ovaries no longer produce the estrogen and progesterone hormones. Induced menopause can be caused by surgery removing your ovaries, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or ovarian malfunction. Often, women experiencing induced menopause have more severe menopausal symptoms. The truth of the matter is that it will affect all of us women at some point or another, and knowledge of course is the best defense to this natural phenomenon.

Sara Purves
Sara attended the Claude Watson School for the Arts, a prestigious Toronto based high school for gifted creative students. She then moved on to the Ontario College of Art and Design for 4 years where she majored in Environmental Design. After graduation in 1993, Sara pursued many creative arenas including: retail store design, fashion design, had gallery exhibitions of her paintings, and volunteered in many areas of the arts before settling into a career in graphic design. Sara was employed as art director and graphic designer at several well known advertising agencies and creative design shops where she worked with a variety of clients. Sara is also someone who’s unwillingly entered early perimenopause and muddles her way through frustrations and solutions.

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