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The Use Of Ginger for Nausea in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy may sometimes come as a mixed blessing for some women. The joys of becoming a mother are offset by some of the physical and emotional discomforts caused by pregnancy. Nausea is often an undesirable symptom of expectant mothers. Medication may be prescribed for severe nausea but for many expectant mothers with mild to moderate nausea, there are natural remedies containing  ginger.

Pregnancy nausea, also known as morning sickness usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy but can last until the final days of pregnancy. As the name suggests, morning sickness is most common in the morning but it may continue throughout the day. For the pregnant woman relief is both needed and appreciated. Ginger and particularly ginger root is recognized as an anti-nauseant. It has been used in Asia for centuries as a means of assisting digestion and other ailments. A daily dose of one gram of ginger for nausea has been shown to relive nausea in pregnant women.

The medicinal value of ginger for nausea when taken by pregnant women has been shown in a number of studies. One particular study involving seventy women showed that those receiving one gram of ginger reported improvement in their nausea versus those who were given a placebo. Similar studies have supported the results that occur when ginger is used to treat symptoms of morning sickness.

Ginger may be taken in as a supplement if desired by pregnant women.  It is important that a pregnant woman speak with her primary care provider before taking ginger. It is important to note that while ginger has been advised for mild to moderate nausea, women experiencing severe attacks of nausea need to contact their physician as soon as possible and perhaps seek more advanced treatment.

Ginger for nausea treatment is a remedy that has been used by women for generations. Many find ginger appealing because it is natural with few side effects. For most women, morning sickness usually disappears by the second trimester but for those who are in the midst of it, ginger may be a very effective way to ease their nausea.

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