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Taking the Confusion out of Choosing Supplements

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Women today are living longer, but are they living better quality lives?

Today, it is a fact of life that many women are juggling career, family, household responsibilities, and often sacrificing their own needs to take care of those around them. Some of the main health concerns that women face today are a result of these stressful and hectic lifestyles.

Stress is linked to heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and insomnia. When we are super busy, we don’t take time to eat properly, exercise and get adequate sleep, all factors that take their toll on our health – physically and emotionally.

Sherry Torkos, pharmacist, author, and certified fitness instructor explains how women need to make their health and well-being a priority and how this will also benefit those around them. Choosing supplements can help.

There are many reasons why people should consider taking a supplement, she says.

The most obvious reason, like it or not, is that people just don’t eat healthy. “Numerous surveys have demonstrated that we are not eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables,” says Torkos. Not only that, but the produce we do eat is often short on nutrients for many reasons. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, picked before they are ripe and shipped in from foreign countries – all of which deplete important nutrients, Torkos says.

As well, many prescription drugs can deplete nutrients, including:

  • Statin drugs (Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol) deplete antioxidant coenzyme Q10.
  • Birth control pills deplete B-vitamins.
  • Antacids (Zantac, Pepcid) deplete calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, naproxen) deplete vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Diuretics (Lasix/furosemide) deplete potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, B1 and B6.

“Supplements can help to fill in the gaps in our diets and ensure we are getting the right vitamins and minerals for optimal health”, says Torkos.

But which supplement is the right supplement? For anyone who has walked down the supplements aisle choosing supplements can be confusing and overwhelming. The supplement industry has traditionally been ingredient based instead of solution based – requiring consumers to either read vast amounts of scientific literature or take their chances. But that is changing thanks to femMED.

“I found searching the aisles for the right products very frustrating and confusing. That, combined with the lack of natural options available to women, created an overwhelming desire in me to simplify things and make sense of it all.” Shawna Page, founder of femMED.

“They have taken the guesswork out of choosing supplements by simplifying the supplement aisle and providing easy to use and understand solutions to women’s common health concerns’, says Torkos. “Plus their comprehensive solutions combine all the key ingredients in the right combination so they can safely be taken together or on their own to achieve multiple health goals.”

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