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Saying good bye to love handles gets harder and harder every year and femMED is here to help

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femMED Weight is here and we’re all about helping you stay on track with your fitness goals this year.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Saying good bye to love handles gets harder and harder every year and femMED knows why

Now that you’ve eaten the turkey and had the champagne it’s time to fulfill one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, lose that extra holiday weight and get bathing suit body ready for summer. Only for some women this may be more of a challenge then they realize which is why femMED Weight Management can help them reach their goals.

Today women in their 40’s burn 100 calories less per day and women in their 50’s burn almost 200 less. This makes them more susceptible to the rapid weight gain that’s associated with perimenopause and menopause development. Women can actually become insulin resistant as a result of these hormonal changes which can lead to a host of negative outcomes. This is why it’s important to maintain a healthy weight as you age.

Some healthy weight loss tips that women should keep in mind this winter include taking a natural health product that can help with the weight loss. Celebrity doctors and respected health professionals recommend taking a natural fibre supplement with Glucomannan. It offers a healthy natural way to help lose the weight and keep it off. Studies have shown that Glucomannan helps lower blood pressure and keeps you feeling full throughout the day. femMED, a Canadian company dedicated to helping women find natural health solutions, has created a gluten free vegan friendly weight loss supplement containing Glucomannan in combination with inulin, carob and psyllium fibre. These ingredients work together to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce calorie intake, thus supporting weight loss.

In addition to a supplement, start making changes to your lifestyle that will also help with weight loss.
This doesn’t have to mean making radical changes, just some simple adjustments to your lifestyle and diet can be enough. For example, hit the weights. Muscle burns three times faster and women tend lose muscle mass much more quickly as they age. This will help keep off that dreaded “middle-age spread” around the arms, hips, thighs and bottom area.

Revamp your diet by excluding the “white goods” from your meals. Replace the white flour in your pastas, cakes and breads with whole wheat options. Skip the skin of the chicken, switch the cream with milk in your coffee and replace the fries with a salad the next time you order a burger.

Another important factor for maintaining a healthy and successful weight loss plan is to literally add a little spice to life. Cayenne Peppers, Red Peppers, Jalapenos Peppers, Habaneros and Tabasco all contain capsaicin, an ingredient proven to boost the metabolism. You can actually burn up to 50 extra calories a day by adding them to your meals.

For more information on femMED call (866)-635-4059 or visit at femmed.com

About femMED 
Founded in 2007, femMED is the first user-friendly, mass channel retail brand of comprehensive supplements designed specifically for women. femMED’s line of 13 doctor-formulated remedies are designed specifically for women, providing natural solutions to their most common health concerns, at every age and stage of life. Each product contains only the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbs. All femMED products are free of dairy, egg, artificial colours and flavours, and almost all are gluten free, yeast free, suitable for vegetarians and delivered in a vegetable capsule. femMED formulas are designed to work on their own, on in combination with other femMED formulas to achieve multiple health goals.

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