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Protecting “The Girls”: 5 Ways To Keep ‘Em Healthy

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1. Have A Glass Of the Purple Stuff
Reducing estrogen levels in your body can help to prevent the nearly 80% of cancers that need estrogen to grow. Block the binding of estrogen with a daily glass of red wine, which contains resveratrol, a natural estrogen-reducer. Limit it to one drink per day though – more than that can contribute to increased breast cancer risk. Not a drinker? Try fresh grapes with the skin still on.

2. Embrace Your Touchy-Feely Side
Make room in your schedule for a little time with the girls at least once a month. You don’t need to light candles or play soul music… just take a little time in the shower to give them some well-deserved attention, using this self-breast-exam guideline.

3. Check In To Detox
Yup, even your breasts need to be detoxed! Take a specially-formulated breast health supplement like femMED’s Breast Health to detox your estrogen and increase the amount of 2-hydroxyestorone in your urine. Indole-3 carbinol, milk thistle, Vitamin D and other vitamins you’re probably not getting enough of in your daily diet are all combined in this estrogen-reducing supplement.

4. Become a Lean, Mean, Cancer-fighting Machine
Yah, yah, we all want to lose weight to fit into our skinny jeans… but somehow we lack the motivation to resist those warm fresh rolls at dinner. But saying goodbye to your rolls means that you’ll reduce the places that your body can store estrogen. This is especially important after menopause, when adipose tissue (let’s call it fat) becomes your body’s main source of estrogen.

5. Go Green
Going green with cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, bok choy fills your body with potential anticancers. As an added bonus, these vegetables also fill you up with very little caloric intake, helping you with Project Skinny Jeans (see point 4 above). Think you’re not a fan of these vegetables? Mix up how you prepare them until you find the perfect preparation for your pallet: cooked cabbage, make way for coleslaw! Can’t stand kale? You’ll love it oven-roasted and dusted with sea-salt for the perfect guilt-free movie snack.


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