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Is frequency of orgasm linked to longer life?

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Early evidence says yes. For the last twenty years Howard S. Friedman and his colleqeaus have been conducting a study entitled, The Longevity Project, the findings of which were recently published in Secrets of Longevity: The self-healing personality and The Longevity Project.

Dr. Friedman, Ph.D., a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, followed 672 women and 856 men through their lives and deaths.

As part of their study, they looked into the frequency at which each participant had sex, their overall sexual satisfaction, frequency at which they reached orgasm and their overall marital happiness, and ultimately the age at which each participant deceased.

With this information in hand, the researchers were able to relate overall sexual satisfaction with longevity of life.

The results of the study were shocking.

According to Howard S. Friedman and his team of researchers, those women with a higher frequency of achieving orgasm during intercourse lived longer than women will less satisfying sex lives!

Ladies, don’t get too excited!

Not surprisingly there has been very little research done in the area of female sexual satisfaction corresponding with living longer. Other factors such as overall marital happiness, lifestyle choices and family history surely play a role. That said, if Friedman’s results are even the slightest bit accurate, there’s never been a better reason to dust off the lingerie, awaken your libido and get busy!

Kelly Straus
Kelly Straus is a 35 year old working mom and wife, with over a decade of experience in marketing communications and the natural health sector. Kelly successfully balances a challenging career with the demands of her young family – a 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter (not to mention a very hairy Golden Retriever!). Kelly is passionate about educating and empowering women to take charge of their lives and their health. She has made a personal commitment to better manage her own health and help other women gain access to health information.

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