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One of the most important assets we need during and following menopause is a sense of humour. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets us through a particularly “disturbing” and sometimes demoralizing view of ourselves.

 Remember the days when we complained about having to shave our legs, pits and crotches. Seems every time I turned around, I was pulling out the razor. Rapidly growing body hair was particularly annoying when I caught a few peeking out of my bathing suit. Like it wasn’t bad enough that there was barely enough material to cover my larger than life rear end!

  With menopause, we experience thinning of our luxurious manes, and in many cases, the loss of much of our bodily hair. But don’t throw away the razor yet!!!! Here comes the best part. What falls off our legs, arms and crotches, reappears on our faces!! Don’t panic. It’s not black and curly. It’s more like fine peach fuzz that covers the face – like a carpet of sorts.

So what do we do? Well, for starters, we dispose of the 10X magnifier mirrors. Years ago, we needed those unflattering, despicable things to tweeze our eyebrows, or – perish the thought – to pluck away an unsightly zit. No longer necessary girls. GET RID OF THEM.

Next, use soft light around your mirrors, and NEVER use heavy foundation or lots of powder. If it’s really bothersome, you can always rely on your esthetician for help.

Finally, and most importantly, appreciate the fact that you reached this stage of life. Appreciate the fact that you have loved ones and good friends with whom to share your stories and laugh out loud! It is a gift that gets us through a lot of the little tricks life in general, and Menopause in particular, play on us.


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Tyrral Prashker
Tyrral is a 64 year old woman, with four daughters, ages 38 to 44, four sons-in-laws, and 9 grandchildren. Married for 46 years, Tyrral has spent 17 years working full time, while at the same time, raising her daughters. Family is her number one source of joy and fulfillment.
Presently retired, much of Tyrral’s time is spent in Florida during the winter months, where her main interests are golf, yoga, aquatics, aerobics, and weight training. Maintaining good health and well-being is a large part of Tyrral’s life, and staying active supports her goal of enjoying every day, for many years to come.


  1. Oh my god…I can;t believe you just told me to throw away my 10X magnifier mirror. I did just that 2 days ago because I was getting fixating on my pores and a few whiskers. Did not help my skin at all to be constantly picking at it. So now I have a 2X magnifier mirror since I figure that if I can’t see anything “bad” up close in bright daylight at 2 X the magnification..nobody else will either. I learned the importance of dimmer switches when I turned 35 when a woman came to my door and asked me if my parents were home.

    Thanks for the words of advice and inspiration.

  2. I find that a sense of humour is critical at this stage of the game. The hair you want is thinning and the hair you don’t is suddenly growing in all the wrong places.

    I found the best solution that keeps the hair at bay in those places I don’t want it AND save money on an esthetician is to find a “sister” in arms that will pluck your face and you pluck theirs. You can make an evening of it once a week…turn up the music, wear the jammies and defuz.

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