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I swear I’ll swear more during perimenopause

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Now this is going to sound weird to some people but… I’ve tapered off my swearing over the past several years. I left the advertising world – FYI if you’ve working in advertising you’ll know that swearing is commonplace (actually its mandatory) – then I had a baby – FYI you’re not supposed to swear in front of your child.

Anyhoo, I’ve noticed all these health problems since then and I’ve realized that I no longer have my most favorite release… the “F” world.

To me there is nothing more satisfying than the immediate and emphatic release of a good swear word. But alas, I no longer have the appropriate place or audience to provide me with this release.

I can’t do it at home because my daughter is there and my nanny would probably grab her purse and quit in fear.

I can’t do it at work because I work in a children’s hospital and, although I’ve never actually read it in the employee handbook, I’m guessing swearing is frowned upon.

So when I get frustrated I end up clenching my jaw and getting a headache. Normally spewing out a sentence with about 2 or 3 swear words in it would release the bad energy and I could move on very quickly. Now… well… I just get hives and a headache. Did I mention my face is breaking out lately and I’m about this close to wanting to smoke.

I’m really not sure why society has chosen a few words and decided that we shouldn’t say them. Clearly we want to say them. We do say them. And it feels so good to say them. Society let’s us do many other things that are far worse. So I say LET ME SWEAR. I NEED IT. IT MAKES ME A MORE FUNCTIONAL PERSON.

Seriously. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t even eat red meat for God’s sake AND I recycle. At least let say #@*@ just as often and emphatically as Tony Soprano. I don’t ask for much.

I’m not at all a violent person, so a punching bag won’t do it for me. And don’t tell me to meditate because I’ll snap. Perimenopause is a hard enough time to get through. You can take away my coffee, my alcohol and my waistline, but you’re not taking the “F” word from me. No, that’s where I draw the line.

Who’s with me?

Sara has spoken.

Sara Purves
Sara attended the Claude Watson School for the Arts, a prestigious Toronto based high school for gifted creative students. She then moved on to the Ontario College of Art and Design for 4 years where she majored in Environmental Design. After graduation in 1993, Sara pursued many creative arenas including: retail store design, fashion design, had gallery exhibitions of her paintings, and volunteered in many areas of the arts before settling into a career in graphic design. Sara was employed as art director and graphic designer at several well known advertising agencies and creative design shops where she worked with a variety of clients. Sara is also someone who’s unwillingly entered early perimenopause and muddles her way through frustrations and solutions.

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