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Hormone Imbalance and Hypothyroidism

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In terms of synthetic hormones what about medications such as Synthroid for hypothyroidism that doctors say you have to take for the rest of your life? What should I do? Where do I go next?

Most people with hypothyroidism have to take thyroid hormone for the rest of their lives. Our thyroid hormone regulates many body processes and if you have hormone imbalance it can result in a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms.

The thyroid gland produces two hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroixine (T4).  Most of the actions of thyroid hormone are due to T3, the active form of thyroid hormone. Our bodies convert T4 to T3, however in some people this conversion does not happen adequately.

There are several different types of thyroid medications – natural and synthetic and T3 and T4. Synthetic forms of thyroid hormone (T4) are Synthroid and Eltroxin. There is also Cytomel, which provides the body with active (synthetic) T3. This is a preferred form for those who do not convert T4 to T3 adequately, however it needs to be taken three times daily. Lastly there is natural thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine, which can be made at a compounding pharmacy. It is important to know that in this case “natural” means that they are not chemically made or synthesized, they are obtained from animal (pig) thyroid. While natural thyroid is typically well tolerated some people do react adversely.

Here is a link to an article that discusses some of these issues:

Sherry Torkos
Sherry Torkos is a pharmacist, author, certified fitness instructor, and health enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion with others. Sherry graduated with honors from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992. Since that time she has been practicing holistic pharmacy in the Niagara area. Her philosophy of practice is to integrate conventional and complementary therapies to optimize health and prevent disease. Sherry has won several national pharmacy awards for providing excellence in patient care. As a leading health expert, Sherry has delivered hundreds of lectures to medical professionals and the public. She is frequently interviewed on radio and TV talk shows throughout North America and abroad. Sherry has authored fourteen books & booklets, including The Glycemic Index Made Simple and Breaking the Age Barrier. Her most recent book, The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine has become a national best-seller. For more information, visit:

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