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Happy Earth Day

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The connection between a happy earth and a healthy you are closer than you think. Here are 5 ways you can have a healthy Earth Day.

1) Get in the Garden. Weather permitting get outside and enjoy some of that sunshine (which means getting some of that vitamin D). Also, gardening is much more active than you would think. It’s a great way to help build strength and it works towards developing your aerobic health.

2) Leave the Car in the Garage. What better way to help save the earth then dusting of your bicycle and going for a ride. You’ll be helping to cut down on emissions, and it’s a fantastic lower body workout. Grab some healthy snacks and get your friends involved. Make Earth Day fun for all of you.

3) Start eating local. Take advantage of your local farmer’s market. It’s a wonderful way to connect with other members of your community, and they offer a wide variety of produce and products. By purchasing locally grown food, you’re helping to cut down on emissions from long distance transport.

4) A Greener Home is a Happy Home. Get your house green inspected. This will show you how to make your home more energy efficient and more cost effective!

5) Start Scrubbing. Look through your current cleaning supplies and switch out anything that isn’t made with the environment in mind. Look for “green cleaners” that have been reviewed and approved by a third party auditor. EcoLogo is a great example of this. They audit, review, and certify the ingredients in cleaning products to ensure that your cleaners are as sustainable as advertised. Look for the logo and you’ll know what you’re using will be kind to the earth.     

Allison Todd
After completing a Bachelors of Arts degree from Dalhousie University, Allison moved back to Toronto to complete a post graduate degree certification in corporate communications from Seneca College. From there she cut her PR teeth working with a Toronto PR agency before moving to femMED. Allison’s passionate about health and fitness. She loves to cook healthy meals and her bookcase at home is dangerously at risk of over flowing with cookbooks. She loves a good workout, finished Tough Mudder, and hits the pavement for a run as often as possible.

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