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Dr. Jennifer Pearlman-Women’s Health and Wellness Specialist

Hormonal Balance & Hormone Optimization

Decreasing hormone levels that are associated with aging are the underlying cause of many of the disturbing and undesirable symptoms, diseases and degenerative conditions associated with the aging process.Dr. Pearlman has developed integrative programs that are individually customized for her patients to restore more youthful body chemistry and hormone balance, optimize lifestyle, and help prevent age related disease and health problems. Examples of those programs include; The PearlMD BALANCE, The PearlMD VITALITY and The PearlMD PROTECT.



Dr. Pearlman has been certified by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and is an attending staff physician at the Menopause Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Dr Pearlman regularly helps answer women’s questions as a contributor on femMED’s Blog – Woman’s Word or via email at help@femmed.com



Medical Weight Loss
Dr. Pearlman considers more than simply calories in vs. calories burned when addressing the weight gain associated with aging women. Dr. Pearlman has developed a unique, comprehensive weight loss program that combats mid-life weight gain by optimizing hormone, neurotransmitter, and nutritional factors with a customized dietary and fitness plan. Learn More



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