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What do you do when you can’t get past your GP to a specialist?

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So I had my visit to my GP last week… it’s taken me a week to cool down enough to blog about it with somewhat less emotionally… A new doctor was there subbing for my usual one who is on mat leave. So I thought, “great! a new guy! maybe I’ll get somewhere”. I riffled off my perimenopausal symptoms and he immediately agreed that I was bang on the money in determining that I indeed am in perimenopause. Great. At least some acknowledgment....

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How do you expect it to work if you don’t take it?!

How do you expect it to work if you don’t take it?!

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Of course it makes sense… in order to get the benefit from taking supplements, you actually have to TAKE the supplements!  This may seem intuitive, but it’s not.  I know from personal experience how easy it is to fall off the wagon.  We all have busy lives, multi-tasking, juggling many balls… usually it’s us who we take care of last, so it’s not unusual that often times remembering to take our vitamins is no small feat.    I talk alot to women...

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