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Hormones: The Key To Vibrant Health And Sexuality For Women-Part One

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Guest author: Camille Lawson RN, BA, MEd (specializing in Hormones, Nutrition, Sexuality & Relationships) There is SO much for us to learn about our hormones!  This is part one in a brief overview about their importance in our daily lives, how to keep them balanced and at the same time improve our sexual lives. Stayed tuned for parts 2 and 3.  Part One There are over 50 known hormones in our body and they regulate cell function, influence cellular activity and are...

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Hello and welcome to this new and exciting FemMed blog on Libido and Sexual Health.  In the upcoming months we will explore many many topics related to sex and sexuality, including sex drive, sexual arousal, stimulation, orgasm, sexual “hang ups” and concerns, sexual dysfunction, sexual communication….basically, everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask!!!  However, it is my hope that you won’t be afraid to ask questions in...

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