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After months on bitching and moaning about my perimenopausal symptoms – which are killing me – have I mention that lately – anyway…. I’ve finally moved into action mode.

I spent the last week – an entire 7 days! – with an incredible headache. Worse than any I’ve ever had. These are more and more frequent now and even come with dizziness and blurry vision. So enough I say. Time to get my butt in gear and work this %#@* out.

I have an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. She’s given me a 16 page questionnaire to fill out prior to the first appointment. Isn’t that interesting? Why don’t GP’s ask more background questions? Hmm. Sort of annoying huh?

Anyway, I think I’ll start with the naturopathic doc and see where that goes. Then I’ll try my luck with accupuncture along with attempting to get a grip on a better diet. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump into HRT yet, but I won’t rule it out as an option.

Anyone have any luck with natural medicines out there? I’d love to hear what they prescribed to you and if it worked.

Until next time,

Sara Purves
Sara attended the Claude Watson School for the Arts, a prestigious Toronto based high school for gifted creative students. She then moved on to the Ontario College of Art and Design for 4 years where she majored in Environmental Design. After graduation in 1993, Sara pursued many creative arenas including: retail store design, fashion design, had gallery exhibitions of her paintings, and volunteered in many areas of the arts before settling into a career in graphic design. Sara was employed as art director and graphic designer at several well known advertising agencies and creative design shops where she worked with a variety of clients. Sara is also someone who’s unwillingly entered early perimenopause and muddles her way through frustrations and solutions.

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