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Robert D. Rogers

Robert D Rogers

  • Robert D. Rogers
  • BSc., RH (AHG) FICN CI
  • Registered Clinical Herbalist

Robert Rogers graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Botany, from the University of Alberta in 1971. Mr. Rogers is a registered Clinical Herbalist and a professional Aromatherapist. He consults on the formulation and use of nutraceuticals, functional foods and herbs. He also conducts 15-20 medicinal herb walks annually throughout western Canada.

Robert has served as a consultant for a number of organizations over the years. During his career he has authored studies on Feasibility of the Therapeutic Essential Oil Industry in Alberta, Natural Health Products Market Opportunity Identification for Herbs and Botanicals in Alberta, Identification of Echinacea angustifolia, Rhodiola rosea, Fenugreek and other botanicals for NHP market. He has won a Gold APPEX award and a Bronze Premier’s Award for his work, and has been a consultant and formulator for New Era Nutrition, Bioriginal Food and Science Corp., and Biopak.

Robert is an avid lecturer and author. He has been a guest lecturer in faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Anthropology, Pharmacy, Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science, and Continuing Medical Education at U. of Alberta. He has also performed medicinal herb talks and lectures for Science Foundation of Alberta and the Dominion Herbal College, Burnaby, British Columbia,National Coalition of Herb Spice and Natural Health Product and the XIIth Congress of the International College of Nutrition.

Over the years Robert has published a number of pieces: 6 volumes of Sundew, Moonwort Medicinal Plants of the Prairies, Herbal Drug Interactions Capital Health, Prairie Plants for Profit. Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Medicinal Herb, Opportunities on the Canadian Prairies, Scents of Wonder, Essential Oils and Hydrosols of the Prairies, Rogers’ Herbal Manual, Karamat Wilderness Ways, and The Fungal Pharmacy, Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada.

He has participated in a number of presentations and proceedings including: Health Care Issues in the Canadian North – Boreal Institute Pub., Annual Prairie and National Medicinal Herb and Aromatic Conferences, First Natural Health Product Research Conference, Montreal, Developments in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network.

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