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Dr. W. Bryn


  • Dr. W. Bryn
  • BSc., MD, Diploma in Psychiatry,
  • Vice President, Canadian Holistic Medical Association

Dr. W. Bryn completed her Bachelor of Science at Laurentian University. She furthered her studies at the University of Toronto where she earned a medical diploma from College of Physicians & Surgeons. In 1971 she completed a 3-year study at the University of Toronto, receiving her Diploma in Psychiatry. And in 1982, after 4 years of study, Dr. W. Bryn earned a Certificate in Bioenergetic Analysis from the International Institute for Bioenergectic Analysis in New York.

In 1991 Dr. W. Bryn became the Vice-President of the Canadian Holistic Medical Association. In 1996 she earned a diplima from The American Academy of Preventive Medicine where she studied with Dr. Majid Ali.

Dr. W. Bryn has been in private practice for 37 years with a primary focus on psychotherapy, psychiatry and nutritional medicine.

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