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Acne at 50? Are you kidding me?

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Menopause. Just when you gained control of the hot flashes, crazy mood swings and full beard, you discover menopause does indeed have a sense of humour… pimples. Remember how a pimple often was the first sign of an impending period…well guess what? Even when you haven’t had a period in 2 years, the pimples keep coming. Menopause really is the gift that keeps on giving.

So what is a somewhat sane person to do? Well after reading extensively on the subject, I discovered that much like a teenager, the root cause of all these pimples is…you guessed it…hormones. Once you enter the years leading up to and including menopause, your hormones begin the fluctuate leading to breakouts, much like you previously had before your period. Combine this with the fact that as we age, our skin cells turn over (shed) at a much slower rate and you have the perfect storm for a pimple filled face. Not all women experience this, but as we all know, even one pimple, is one too many.

So let’s review the golden rules of skincare and what you can do to keep your acne at bay.

Simple Ways to Minimize Acne

• Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice daily using warm, not hot, water.

• Be careful not to scrub your face, as this may cause more irritation.

• Clean your bed sheets, especially your pillowcase, weekly with mild, chemical-free detergent.

• Do not pick or pop pimples. This may cause secondary bacterial infections and lead to more scarring.

• Only use cosmetics, skin or hair care products, labeled non-comedogenic – meaning they do not clog pores and are less likely to cause acne.

• Keep your hands off your face. Your hands contain dirt and bacteria, which is easily transferred to your face.

• Manage your stress. Although stress doesn’t cause acne it has been shown to aggravate acne, which is why breakouts occur during more stressful times.

• Eat to nourish your skin. Recent studies are now suggesting that high- glycemic foods such as refined grains and processed sugars may, in fact, trigger acne breakouts. Low glycemic foods such as whole grains, lean meat, and fish may keep acne at bay because they stabilize blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes.

• Consider a hair, skin and nail supplement like femMED’s Hair, Skin & Nails to provide essential nutrients for optimal skin.

• For severe cases, where there are multiple lesions or cysts, consult a dermatologist.

• Resist the temptation to treat acne topically without first addressing the underlying cause of breakouts – hormonal imbalance.

For those women suffering from the symptoms of perimenopause or menopause, consider a natural health product, like femMED Hormonal Balance or Menopause Relief.

Well there you have it. Stay tuned for my next blog on why menopause might make you more like a man or as I call it; “Why I Just Don’t Care Anymore”




Lisa Fielding
For the past 25 years, Lisa has enjoyed various roles within the marketing and advertising industry, including at femMED. A busy mom with 2 young children, 2 dogs and a cat named George, Lisa, like all working moms, strives to find the right balance between all things work and play. A firm believer in taking charge of your own destiny, Lisa is passionate about women’s health and encourages women to become their own health advocates.

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