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13 Reasons Why Sex is Good for You

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February 12th is Sexual Health and Reproductive Health Awareness Day and isn’t it fitting that this day falls just before Valentine’s Day?  In honour of both of these special days, I thought it would be appropriate to shine a spotlight on the “health” in Sexual Health.  Here are just a few reasons why sex is good for your health:

  1. Sex can help relieve your stress and lower your blood pressure
  2.  Sex can boost your immunity and help protect you from common colds and flu
  3.  Sex burns calories, strengthens your muscles, and can help keep you physically fit
  4.  Sex contributes to more positive self-esteem
  5.  Sex gets your heart pumping and improves heart health
  6.  Sex makes you sweat, which cleanses the skin and helps to improve your complexion
  7.  Sex promotes a sense of calm and relaxation
  8.  Sex contributes to a deeper and more restful sleep
  9.  Sex is a natural pain reliever
  10.  Sex provides protection against prostate cancer
  11.  Sex strengthens the vagina and pelvic floor, which intensifies orgasms and reduces the risk of pelvic organ prolapse
  12.  Sex releases endorphins (the body’s feel-good chemicals), which can improve your mood
  13. Sex strengthens a couples’ intimate connection

So, good sex is indeed good for you…and good for your relationship.   Taking care of your health also means taking charge of your sexual health. Be kind to your body, and nourish your sexual relationships. Make intimacy a priority and do what you can to spice up the quality of your sex life (check out my blog on “8 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life). By taking some simple steps, you can really steam up your Valentine’s Day…or any day (or night)!  Whoever thought that getting healthy could feel so good!

Kelli Young
Kelli Young earned her degree in occupational therapy in 1992 from the University of Western Ontario. She is a registered occupational therapist with training, certification and expertise in the areas of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Sex Therapy. Since 1992 she has worked in the Eating Disorders Program at the Toronto General Hospital where she provides group, individual, family and couple therapy. She also has a private practice in Toronto. Read her full bio here.

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